Recognition Of Prior Learning

All you need to know about Recognition of Prior Learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) was introduced in 1992 and designed for vocational education, yet it has since developed to become widely adopted by the higher education industry in Australia. It’s a framework that allows people to obtain recognition for any learning or experience they’ve undertaken in a particular sector, allowing talented individuals to use their previous experience to contribute to a qualification that is recognised formally throughout Australia. So if you have some experience working in a relevant position overseas, undertaking voluntary work or learning from life experiences, you are eligible to apply for an RPL course that interests you.

Having helped a diverse range of Australian citizens and migrants transfer their existing skills and experience to gain formal qualifications, QYA can work closely with you to identify and assess your acquired knowledge, whilst helping you strengthen your portfolio to maximise your chances of success – setting you on the path for improved job prospects, pay increases and promotions. It’s important to understand that if you are a migrant planning a move ‘Down Under’ your experience does not need to be obtained in Australia.

How is your learning categorised?

To guarantee the best chances of success, it’s important that our friendly team takes
the time to understand and review your individual qualities. As a general guide, your experience can be broken down into three main categories of learning:

  1. Existing Work Experience
    This includes any experience that is related to the qualification that you are working towards. The type of work experience that falls under this category ranges from volunteer work to part-time and full-time work.
  2. Existing Qualifications
    Covers any educational courses that are relevant to your chosen field, or is similar to the course content of the qualification you are looking to obtain.
  3. Life Skills and Personal Experience
    Any skill or experience that you have acquired over the course of your life which can be deemed relevant, for example, you may be able to demonstrate effective communication skills, literacy, listening, public speaking or body language through life experiences.

Assessment Process – How do I prove what I know?

Get Certify Australia can provide you with a FREE assessment, checking through your relevant abilities, knowledge and experience. Our goal is to ensure we acquire the complete picture, taking all of the above into account. To give you an insight into the stages from assessment to qualification, please take a look at the typical journey below:

  1.  A free RPL skills check will be provided by a highly trained and talented QYA representative.
  2. We will then work closely with you to create a portfolio that reflects your talents, whilst we can advise you on areas of improvement to increase chances of success of an RPL certificate.
  3. Submitting your Experience Portfolio; is the next step, but we will only advise you to make a submission when we’re happy with the quality of evidence, whilst we have a deep understanding on the RPL criteria.
  4.  A qualified assessor from a partnering RTO will review the evidence and determine whether RPL credits can be awarded, contributing to your qualification. If deemed sufficient, a qualification will be awarded to you by the RTO.

What evidence do you recommend I put forward in my portfolio?

Every portfolio is unique, as is every individual, so this will depend on your background and the evidence you have available, but this may include:

 Samples of your work
 Certificates
 Photographs or video content of yourself completing relevant tasks
 References from relevant coworkers or employers
 Transcripts
 Qualifications from overseas
 Contracts of employment

We’re regularly asked by candidates whether there’s anything else they can do to demonstrate their skills. This again depends on your chosen specialism, however, assessors may also give you written questions, interview you, have you perform practical tasks, request you to showcase finished products, ask you to create presentations or play video taped evidence. If you’re unsure on the requirements for your chosen subject, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team as we would be glad to run through the most suitable pieces of evidence for your assessment.

Training Packages & Information

We provide a complete range of training packages with over 500 individual courses available, but no matter what industry or job role you’d like to pursue, RPL is all about proof.

Evidence, evidence and more evidence!

We know that the knowledge you’ve gained and the skills you’ve learned have all come from your own drive and determination, with plenty of real life experience playing a big part in your success so far. It’s our job to ensure that we convert this information into solid evidence, whilst preparing you for any questions or tasks you may need to complete during the assessment.

What are the costs of training and assessment?

Prices vary depending on the course you are interested in, as well as the outcome of your ‘RPL self-evaluation’. That said, the cost of your RPL enrollment will be comparable to (and not more than) the cost for the same course undertaken via study or training, yet if you’re unsure, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a quotation, with various options suited to your needs.

Experience across all industries

GCA provides courses across a huge range of specialisms, which you can learn more about on our website, however, should you need any assistance choosing a course that will help you fulfill your long-term ambitions, our dedicated team would be glad to help. Whether you’d like to see your first aid experience recognised formally, wish to gain licensing for a specific trade or want to continue on your journey to becoming a qualified childcare specialist, Get Certify Australia can provide personalised, flexible and affordable training and assessments.

We’re constantly evolving and adding new courses to our lineup with well over 500 courses available, we cover all major industries from construction to agriculture, automotive, retail, business, finance, hairdressing, beauty, health, and real estate.

We’re currently in the process of finalising a whole new range of training courses, including White Card, RSA, RCG, and Barista, but should you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to send us a message or call our dedicated team today.

You can also request a FREE Skills assessment by completing this quick and easy assessment form. We will then be in touch to learn more about you and your ambitions for the future

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